The Cape Club Review

The Cape Club Review – What Is All The Hype About?

Looking for a quality golf club or course in Massachusetts? Everyone knows it – once you find a quality unit, you know you will have a good time. You would be willing to spend miles just to enjoy a couple of rounds in a fully professional environment. This is when The Cape Club kicks in – one of the top rated clubs in the entire country. But then, is there anything special in there? This The Cape Club review will clear all your doubts.


The Cape Club is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts. It is mainly designed with golf purposes in mind, but it has become more than just a golf course. It is the kind of place where families and friends meet together, as well as the place where you and your best friends can enjoy the golf round of a lifetime away from everyday stress.

New to the game? Nothing to worry about. You will have access to a few newbie programs – choose the right one based on your needs. There are three main programs – junior lessons, new golfers and intermediate to advanced instructional programs. Whether you have started last week or you have no clue how to hold a club, you will develop skill in no time. Personal training is available too.

There are four times of memberships. The cheapest one is a 10 round card – buy it for yourself or as a gift. The other three are based on the number of people you want to cover and facilities offered. You can opt for a twilight membership, a family membership or a Cape Club one. The Cape Club membership is the most complete one.

The golf course is built on the former Ballymeade Country Club course. It was opened again in the summer of 2016. it is a brand new experience that the previous club could not offer. You gain access to a classic 18 hole course. The previous ones were completely wiped away and a new set has been designed. View corridors are wide, while fairways have been upgraded. Carts are allowed on site.

Other features on the site include the possibility to spend some time there – a few nights in local accommodation, dining, other sports, a swimming pool, catering for special occasions and events.

What to like

You can tell this place is relatively new – everything looks fresh. You will love the numerous amenities on site – your family can do something else while you play a round with your friends. Furthermore, the view is beautiful and everything is well taken care of.

What not to like

It is quite hard to find a negative review about The Cape Club , but if there is one thing worth being mentioned, that is the fact that the calendar seems quite busy. Golfing hours are limited, so make sure you book early.


In the end, this Cape Club review will help you understand better what you should expect from this course. Not only has it been recently refurbished, but it has also been designed with the latest innovations in mind, as well as access to lots of other sports and activities.​


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