St Johns Golf And Country Club

St Johns Golf And Country Club Review – Any Worth?

Whether you are visiting or living in Florida, chances are you want to gain as much as possible from this experience. The weather is perfect and the place is all about chilling down and unwinding. What can be better than a game of golf then? Luckily, there are plenty of golfers around Florida, so you will most likely find lots of courses too. This St Johns Golf and Country Club review will help you make a better decision.


The course features an 18 hole layout – typical for most competitions. It is designed by Clyde Johnston and represents the centerpiece of the community. Given its size, it is suitable for all kinds of games, as well as practice sessions and training. Given the facilities on site, the course is suitable for both experts and those who are just becoming familiar with golf.

Interested in becoming better and getting some lessons? There is nothing to worry about. According to pretty much every St Johns Golf and Country Club review, the training lessons on site provide great value for money. You have multiple packages to choose from – you can opt for personal training, as well as junior development programs.

The course is known in Florida as one of the top places to hone your skills and boost your experience. It is extremely well rated for its high customer satisfaction. You will find customers who are regulars for years – the loyalty should give you some hints about the kind of service you will get. It hosts the PGA TOUR Qualifying School on a regular basis too.

It was beautifully designed inside a pine forest, so views are spectacular and the air is quite fresh – great for Florida’s hot weather. You have five sets of tees, as well as a family tee. Windy sometimes and perfectly clear most of the time, the course can be easy and gentle, but it can also become quite challenging. Take your time and enjoy your round surrounded by the local wildlife.

The Tom Burnett Golf Academy is yet another feature worth being mentioned. The academy is hosted on site and is known for training some of the best players in the USA. Teaching facilities are highly diversified and they are both indoors and outdoors.

What to like about the St Johns Golf and Country Club

The calm and peaceful experience makes this 18 hole golf course a perfect choice for locals and not only. You will also find experienced players around to give you some hints, not to mention the local schools. As if all these were not enough, everything takes place in a natural environment with a rich wildlife.

What not to like

Since the course also acts as a reception place for all kinds of events, there might be times of the year or weekends when the parking feels a bit full.


Bottom line, this St Johns Golf and Country Club review should give you all the details you require about the facilities on site and the kind of experience you will get.

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