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Golf Top

The best golf lesson you can receive is learning how to stay on top of your ball during the swing.


If you don’t stay on top of your ball while swinging, the likelihood is you will shift and sway the top of  your spine angle this will result in the Arc of your swing bottoming out at a wrong point and finally result in a miss-hit golf shot.

One funny thing about golf is how the instructors as well as golf professionals keep changing the description of simple golf mechanics. Golf swing constructions basically remain the same, however, the terms used to describe it can be entirely different.

The best way to describe its important discipline or hitting the ball straight is to maintain proper eye contact with the ball from the swing period to the contact with the golf ball.

This instruction, if looked at theoretically, suggest that you will not be able to move your head at all during the course of the golf swing. A better way of understanding staying on top of your ball is nothing more than the admonition of keeping a steady head while performing a swing.

Whatever understanding you have of this, Either keeping eye contact with the ball, or maintaining a steady head, you must be able to keep a stable top of the spine position in order for your shot to bottom out in the same position as the beginning of your swing.

So what should I do?

Just as there’s confusion about staying on top of your ball while performing the golf swing, so has there been frustration about keeping a steady head.

Keeping it steadily during the golf swing doesn’t necessarily mean your head must not move. During the downswing that will counterbalance rotation of your hip, your head must definitely move.

For clearer emphasis, you can swivel your head in the same manner Jack Nicklaus made popular. This doesn’t mean you won’t maintain a top of the spine position during your swing.

What when is the best method to keep the top of your spine stable doing a swing and remain on top of your ball?

First thing to do is to keep your left foot planted firmly throughout the period of your golf swing. This will help keep the top of your spine stable and will help you with a dramatical improvement of your golf swing.

Second thing to do is to maintain eye contact with the ball through the impact period. This will also help to keep the top of the spine stable.

Thirdly, avoid lowering, raising or moving your head sideways during the backswing. if your head doesn’t move unnecessarily you are guaranteed to keep the top of your spine stable.

If you do these three things correctly, the rest assured that he will stay on top of your ball and have an overall enhanced game. This steps might look complex at first, however, continuous practice and dedication will make them stick to your fingertips and improve your golf game overall. Goodluck.


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