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Golf Injuries

Golf is becoming increasingly popular as a low-impact sport. As with other sports like basketball soccer and rugby, golf can strain the body and become injurious. Majority of golf injuries are caused by continuous stress on muscles. This makes the muscles get overused and can cause real pain. Golf injuries and most time caused by rotational stress on the spine incorrect golf swings wearing of inappropriate shoes and repeated swings movements. Most of these injuries, however, are avoidable.

Common golf injuries

Here is an overview of some of the major golf injuries:

  • Elbow tendonitis or golfer’s elbow

Elbow tendonitis is caused by the inflammation of the muscles of the forearm. These are the muscles responsible for bending of the fingers as well as the wrist. The inflammation affect the tendons and other supporting tissues present at the elbow. Tiny tears may occur in the tendon as a result of the continuous bending repeated pulls on flexing and swinging.

  • Back pain

This is perhaps one of the most common injuries to golfers. An average golfer spent at least four hours in a pending position repeating the same motion over and over again. This without a doubt will lead to sprain and strains in the back. Individuals who suffer from regular or continuous back pain who find it difficult to cope on the field of play, as it will hinder their full abilities.

  • Knee pain

When playing golf on a professional level, trying to balance the hip rotation at the beginning of a swing places strain on the knee. When the pressure place goes beyond the extreme it can lead to a ligament tear. The injury can get worse for individuals who suffer from arthritis.

  • Rotator calf injury

Rotator cuff injury is caused repeated stress and strain on the shoulder joint. The stress begins to affect the muscles and tendons surrounding the joint. This can cause severe pain and in some cases be very injurious. the pressure on the muscles can lead to a partial and in some cases complete hearing of the rotator cuff. This is an injury most golfers hope to avoid.

  • Wrist pain

Golf is a sport that involves continuous use of the hands. Accumulated fatigue in the wrist can lead to an inflammation of muscles in and around the wrist just like the elbow. This in turn can lead to an inability to hold the club with a firm grip.

How to Avoid Common Golf Injuries

Most golfers hope to avoid injuries completely. Here are some tips you can take note of and save yourself of getting injured frequently.

  • Ensure to use the proper swing technique when playing golf. This will save you from golfer’s elbow or elbow tendonitis.
  • Exercises what activities that focuses more on the pectoral as well as a trapezoid muscles are perfect for overcoming back pain injury.
  • Proper conditioning of parts of the bodies that are highly strained can be helpful to.

Take Home Message

In conclusion, golf has really improved over the ages. Technology has made it easier, is there medications you can take to help lessen injury pain. Don’t allow anything affect your game step up and enjoy!


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